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In Loving Memory of Shenaye

The Shenaye Collection is a unique line of jewellery inspired by a Mother's love for her daughter.

In 2017, Shenaye passed away from a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

Shenaye was raised in the Far North of New Zealand,

where she was well known in the community for her kind and welcoming personality. 

This jewellery line is a tribute to our Shenaye, with hope that these original pieces will keep her memory alive.

This line is inspired by the sea, and the exquisite coastline that borders our home here in the Far North.

Shenaye is reflected in the beauty that surrounds us which has allowed our creativity to flourish, bringing you these delicate, meaningful pieces.


I hope you get as much love out of your purchase

as I did creating it. 

Shenaye collection.jpg
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